Each year a number of Nuclear Engineers from the University of Pisa receieve the certification of European Master of Science in Nuclear Engineering (EMSNE) released by the European Nuclear Education Network (ENEN).

This certification is released to all Engineers applying for it whose curriculum is found coherent with the by-laws of EMSNE (see at the EMSNE website), including a good coverage of nuclear matters  and a period of stage abroad at an ENEN Member institution for Courses or thesis / project work totalling a minimum of 20 ECTS credits.

The fact that every time students from the University of Pisa apply they are invariably granted the recognition is an implicit validation of the curriculum of the MSc in Nuclear Engineering at the University of Pisa in front of the European paradigm established by the by-laws, together with a recognition of the particular commitment of students in giving to their study a European dimension having a stage abroad.

The list of our EMSNE Alumni is rather long. Limiting it at the last years we remember: