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NOTE: The webinars are free and open to students of any home institutions as well as to the general public.

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Preliminary list of planned webinars with links to lecturers CV (click on each line)   Work in progress


Date (Friday) Lecturer Name and SURNAME Institution and Country Starting time Proposed Subject
12 Nov 2021 Enrico Deri EDF, France 15:00 Digital twins of PWR steam generators
19 Nov 2021 Luis Enrique HERRANZ CIEMAT, Spain 15:30 Lessons learned from Fukushima-Daiichi: From scenarios to modelling
26 Nov 2021 Henri Paillere IAEA, Austria 16:00 Nuclear Energy for a Net Zero World
03 Dec 2021     15:00  
10 Dec 2021     15:00  
17 Dec 2021     15:00  
31 Dec 2021 AND  
07 Jan 2022 HAPPY NEW YEAR !  
14 Jan 2022     15:00  
21 Jan 2022     15:00  
28 Jan 2022     15:00  
04 Feb 2022     15:00  
11 Feb 2022     15:00  
18 Feb 2022     15:00  
25 Feb 2022  Ahmed Bentaib  IRSN (France) 15:00  TBD
04 Mar 2022     15:00  
11 Mar 2022 Lorenzo Basili NIER (Italy) 15:00 Design by analysis: the ITER electron cyclotron upper launcher 
18 Mar 2022 Mariano Tarantino ENEA (Italy) 16:00 Lead-cooled Fast Reactor. Status & Perspectives
25 Mar 2022 Alessandro Marino SCK CEN (Belgium) 15:00 Towards safe and reliable operation of lead-bismuth cooled fast systems: the Chemistry and Conditioning Programme of MYRRHA
01 Apr 2022     15:00  
08 Apr 2022 Danilo Ferretto SURO-TSO (Czech Republic) 15:00 Perform Safety Analysis using neutronic and thermohydraulic codes applied on VVER technology
15 Apr 2022   MERRY EASTER VACATIONS !    
22 Apr 2022 Maarten Ooms SCK CEN (Belgium) 15:00 Radiopharmaceuticals: utilizing radioactivity for Diagnosis and Therapy
29 Apr 2022 Jeff Lane Zachry Nuclear Engineering (USA) 16:00 GOTHIC - Hybrid System Level and Course Grid CFD Modeling and Simulation
06 May 2022 Alessandro Del Nevo ENEA (Italy) 15:00 The Water Coolant Lithium Lead Breeding Blanket: design and R&D activities
13 May 2022 Carlo Parisi INL (USA) 15:00 TBD
20 May 2022     15:00  
27 May 2022 Matteo Bucci MIT (USA) 15:00 TBD
03 Jun 2022     15:00  
10 Jun 2022     15:00  
24 Jun 2022     15:00  
01 Jul 2022     15:00  
08 Jul 2022 Lucia Sargentini CEA (France) 14:00 TBD
15 Jul 2022     15:00  
22 Jul 2022     15:00  
29 Jul 2022     15:00  




Webinar by Enrico Deri on Friday November 12, 2021 at 15:00

Locandina e Foto Deri 2021 2022

Enrico Deri works as project manager in the R&D division of EDF company. He obtained a MSc in Nuclear Engineering from University of Pisa in 2006 and the EMSNE (ENEN) certificate in 2007. In 2009 he got his PhD in fluid mechanics from CEA Saclay and Sorbonne University (formerly Pierre et Marie Curie University). After a Post-Doc on fluid-structure interaction at the Fluid Mechaincs Institute of Toulouse (IMFT), he joined EDF in 2011 to work on steam generators. 

Link to the Webinar


Webinar by Luis E. Herranz on Friday November 19, 2021 at 15:30 

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Luis E. Herranz has led the research group on Nuclear Safety in CIEMAT since 1999. He graduated in Quantum Chemistry (1986) and did a master on Nuclear Engineering at the Instituto de Estudios de la Energía in 1987. He defended his PhD thesis on Thermal-hydraulics of passive systems in 1996 and in 2016 he became Research Professor on Nuclear Safety, the highest category in Spanish research scale. Among his fields of interest are: Severe Accidents, Thermal-hydraulics of advanced nuclear systems, Thermo-mechanics of nuclear fuels and Safety and power cycles of IV Gen reactors. As a result of his research he’s published more than 100 papers in refereed journals and has made more than 200 contributions to international conferences and congresses.

At present, after more than 30 years of professional career, he has been Chairman of the OECD-NEA Working Group on Analysis and Management of Accidents (WGAMA) since 2015 and after several years coordinating the Sub-Technical Area on Source Term within SNETP/NUGENIA, he became Leader of the entire Technical Area 2 on Severe Accidents in 2018. In addition, he is a member of several expert groups of OECD/NEA on Fuel Safety (WGFS) and Reactor Fuel Performance (EGFRP).

Along his career, Luis E. Herranz has collaborated in Universities and national and international graduate, masters and post-graduate courses. He was Co-Director of the Master on Nuclear Engineering and Applications (MINA) for 10 years, organized by UAM/CIEMAT, Professor at the Department of Mechanical Engineering of UPCO (ICAI) on Heat Transfer and on Energy Technologies for another 10 years. Presently, he is a lecturer in a number of masters and post-graduate courses related to nuclear energy and energy technologies.

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Webinar by Henri Paillere on Friday November 26, 2021 at 16:00

Locandina e foto Paillere 2021 2022

Henri PAILLERE, Head of Planning and Economic Studies Section, International Atomic Energy Agency. Dr. Henri PAILLERE has over 25 years of experience in the nuclear energy sector and is currently working as Head of the Planning and Economic Studies Section at the International Atomic Energy Agency which he joined in February 2020. Before that, Henri worked at the OECD Nuclear Energy Agency in Paris between 2011 and 2019, as Senior Analyst and Deputy Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics. He was also the head of the Technical Secretariat for two international initiatives, the Generation IV International Forum, and the International Framework for Nuclear Energy Cooperation. Prior to these positions, he worked as R&D Program Manager at the Alstom Power Company and at the French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) in various positions, including European Programme Manager in the Nuclear Energy Division of CEA.

Link to the Webinar

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